International Patient Services

International travelers wishing to make an appointment with a Weill Cornell Physician
should contact:

International and Corporate Health, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
14 East 60th Street, Suite 1201
New York, New York 10022 USA
phone: (212) 326-8705
fax: (212) 326-8703
[email protected]

Weill Cornell Physicians, renowned specialists in many areas of medicine from neurological disorders to in vitro fertilization, attract patients from around the world. Our patients include distinguished heads of state, and leaders in business, the arts and entertainment, who are seeking the highest quality medical care.

The International Services Department at Weill Cornell Medical Center provides an unsurpassed level of personal attention and service to patients traveling far from home. From the moment a patient, referring physician, or family member contacts the International Center, a dedicated staff of specially trained representatives provides a variety of services designed to make patients feel at home.

The International Services Department also provides:

Help with Travel and Transportation
International Patient Liaisons can provide you with options for your local travel needs. We can make the necessary arrangements for your transportation to and from the area airports as well as make arrangements for transportation during your stay in New York.

Help with Visas and Passports
We will communicate with local embassies/consulates and also provide assistance with visa extensions.

Personal Patient Liaisons
Our patient liaisons will assist you in making hotel reservations and, if need be, advise you on special lodging for guests.

Personal Financial Counselors
Our Financial Counselors are ready to assist you in banking and fund transfers, currency conversions and verification of insurance benefits, if appropriate. We will provide you with an estimate of charges for physician services and any diagnostic testing or laboratory work you may need.
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